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UTZON ensemble


Logo by Lea Hebsgaard Andersen

UTZON ensemble is born and based in the famous Jørn Utzon designed church, Bagsværd Kirke. From there, the ensemble is touring and performing in other venues, such as The Black Diamond, CPH, 2022. The ensemble has a flexible instrumentation with pianist Cæcilie Tagmose, who is also the artistic director, at its core.

The launch concert UTZON ensemble // Shosta 15 was a performance of Shotakovich's legendary 15th symphony in Viktor Derevianko's spectacular and intimate version for violin, cello, piano, celeste & 13 percussion instruments.

See below for

Photos by Kaspar Vig from the launch of the UTZON ensemble

31.08.2021, Bagsværd kirke



Cæcilie Balling - violin

Marie Louise Lind - cello

Cæcilie Tagmose - piano

Henrik Thrane - timpani & percussion

Nicola Carrara - percussion

Mads Hebsgaard Andersen - percussion

Cæcilie Balling, Marie Louise Lind, Cæcilie Tagmose.jpg
Nicola Carrara, Mads Hebsgaard Andersen, Henrik Thrane.jpg
Henrik Thrane.jpg
Cæcilie Balling, Cæcilie Tagmose.jpg
Mads Hebsgaard Andersen, Henrik Thrane.jpg
Cæcilie Tagmose.jpg
Nicola Carrara.jpg
Marie Louise Lind, Cæcilie Tagmose 2.jpg
Mads Hebsgaard Andersen.jpg
Cæcilie Tagmose 2.jpg
Nicola Carrara 2.jpg
Cæcilie Balling, Marie Louise Lind.jpg
Mads Hebsgaard Andersen, Henrik Thrane 2.jpg
Nicola Carrara 3.jpg
Marie Louise Lind, Cæcilie Tagmose.jpg
Henrik Thrane 2.jpg
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